Network monitoring software

Network monitoring refers to a system, or in our case a software that constantly monitors a network infrastructure for failing or slow components with the posibility of notifying the system administrator via sms, email or other ways if an outage occurs. The network monitoring is related to network management in terms of functions.

Best android sms group text messaging apps

There are IM apps that work with Wi-Fi and there are phone apps that allow you text by using your phone signal. Although Hangout app came with some android phones like Nexus as their default IM /SMS/MMS app, here is a list of the best android SMS group text messaging apps.

10 Best Apps Small Businesses Should Use

In these technological era where apps has become more common and very powerful, entrepreneurs and small business owners now rely on these tools to expand their businesses and run more effectively.

U.N. report: Encryption plays a vital role in human rights protection — and backdoors weaken it

The United Nation’s Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights released a new report saying that around the world, freedom of expression and opinion have become tied to privacy and digital security.

How instant messaging works

IM is a type of online chat which offers real-time text transmission over the internet. A LAN messenger operates in a similar way over a local area network. An ongoing log of messages can be seen by each participant.

Top 5 Secure Instant Messaging Mobile Apps

The messages that you send will be encrypted before they transmitted from your mobile device. It doesn’t matter if the message is intercepted during the exchange because the recipient is the only one that can read the encrypted message.

Top Applications for Group Text Messaging

As you know each text messaging app comes with a set of different features, by comparing some of the popular messaging apps in the market, it would be fun to see what each one offers and where it lacks.

Protect Confidential Information with Code9 Mobile Secure Messenger

The technology of Code9 Mobile would protect the information of the users even from the server managers like administrators and operators. This cross platform instant messenger can be run on Windows, Mac OS, Android and Linux.

Privacy and Security for business communications

The last two decades have shown that the internet has enabled people to instantly communicate with each other all over the world in real time. A remarkable achievement to be sure but at the same time the internet has raised the issue of privacy and security of personal information.

Code9 Mobile Multi-Media Messaging App Great For Keep Unauthorized Mobile Trackers Off Users Tail!

Code9 Mobile, known for it’s for secure communications, has recently released a multi-media messaging app that’s considered by its users as the most secure the “Best encrypted message app out, hands down,” and ideal for keeping unauthorized Mobile Trackers off-tack.

Code9 Mobile named a "Rising Star" by Mobile Village

We are proud to announce that Code9 Mobile was picked as a Rising Star by the 2011 Mobile Star Awards™:

2011 Mobile Star Awards™ The 10th Annual Mobile Star Awards™ honor the top Mobile Products, Success Stories and Visionaries as chosen by readers of MobileVillage’s free email newsletter Go Mobile™. Online voting ran for six weeks through November 28, and winners are posted below.