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In these technological era where apps has become more common and very powerful, entrepreneurs and small business owners now rely on these tools to expand their businesses and run more effectively. After lots of questions I have gotten in regards to apps in general, I have decided to compile a list of 10 mobile and web apps that can keep your business organized and assist in the success of your business.

10 Best Apps Small Businesses Should Use

1) Evernote

This is one popular app that has generated over $166 million funds and acquired web start up Skit and Penultimate to add to their growing list of features. Ever had a great idea while flying cross-country? Evernote app enables users “Remember Everything.” By simply allowing users to organize, store, share text, photos, and voice notes. Business owners can easily keep track of all of their brilliant ideas.

2) Google Drive

Building on Google GOOG -0.64% Docs, This smart new Drive app from Google enable users to seamlessly port and edit files from PC to tablet to smart phone. It is not just a fully-featured office suite, the software also serves as a full cloud drive, giving you the opportunity to store any file type through a virtual drive app or a web interface. Google apps is unarguably the top choice for small business webmail that gives you a pleasant 5GB of storage free, which is a smart move to record success in the cloud storage arena.

3) FormMobi

This “virtual clipboard” app enables business professionals to easily gather and distribute data on any mobile device. It’s got a robust functionality and is a great tool for filling forms on-the-go. Few of its features include the ability to take pictures, record audio, create CAD-quality sketches and collect signatures. You can never expect less from a team with 26 years of workflow software experience. FormMobi is really making the clipboard digital and simple to use.

4) Bump

Welcome to the world of virtual business cards. This revolutionary networking app has provided entrepreneurs the ability to exchange contact information, photos, and files by simply “bumping” two smart phones together thereby knocking off the traditional business cards. This app was introduced in 2008 and has recorded over 8 million monthly users and 27 million downloads.

5) Tripit

Tripit is an app that allows business travelers to keep track of trip arrangements in one single place. If you have had to make three connecting flights and rent a car on the same day then you sure need to Tripit. It offers comprehensive and simple itinerary, weather updates, maps, and directions to make traveling a breeze. After being introduced in 2006 the company was purchased in 2011 by Concur Technologies for $120 million.

6) LocalVox

LocalVox is a web marketing app that enables brick and mortar businesses build their brands online by publishing news, events and deal announcements with an easy click across numerous online channels including social media, websites, local directories and email newsletters. The service simultaneously optimizes organic search and Google Places listings for its users. If you are thinking of boosting your online marketing presence then LocalVox is the tool.

7) Expensfy

I am sure you would agree with me that managing expenses can be nearly impossible. If you are having this issue then expensify is just right for you. This app keeps track of business expenses and mileage, while letting users scan and upload receipts. With this app users can even file receipts by trip and submit expense reports to employers with the click of a button. This app was founded by David Barrett and has exploded to almost 1 million users in only 4 years of operation and processes over $2 million in expenses daily.

8) Asana

Asana is an easy and intuitive management software when compared with other complicated work management software. Billed as a “collaborative information manager”, Asana enables users to manage events, work projects and personal projects in one easy-to-navigate interface. Founded by Justin Rosenstein and Facebook FB -0.47% co-founder Dustin Moskovitz, the work management app has raised $10.2 million dollars to date.

9) InDinero

The InDinero app offers an easy way to keep track of business cash flow and manage everyday finances. The app syncs up to bank accounts and credit cards and helps business predict future cash flows according to their past cash flow. The popular web app was created in 2010 by two university students Jessica Mah and Andy Su, and has completed over 2.5 million transactions and received $1.2 million in seed funding.

10) Square

The traditional way of transacting businesses has now been taken away by the Square app. This app empowers anyone with a smart phone or tablet to easily accept credit card payments. There are no sign-up or monthly fees rather, the service charges 2.75 percent of each transaction. Square was founded by the creator of Twitter in 2010. This is a key app for small businesses which lowers barriers of entry to accept payments.