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There are IM apps that work with Wi-Fi and there are phone apps that allow you text by using your phone signal. Although Hangout app came with some android phones like Nexus as their default IM /SMS/MMS app, here is a list of the best android SMS group text messaging apps.

Best android sms group text messaging apps

hello SMS

hello SMS is one of the finest SMS apps available. It’s minimal, Slick and clean. hello SMS app has an easy tab setup. It allows you swipe out conversation tab from your contact name and profile picture on the left. It has the same features as other SMS apps and yet still very simple.

Messaging (SMS app)

Messaging is Android stock SMS app. This app has all the former flagship texting app features and an upgraded dark and serious look as opposed to the bright look of the default lollipop texting app on older phones.


Alongside carrying out more functions than the usual stock MMS/SMS apps, 8sms text message app also goes straight to the point. It is easy to use and free. This app has good energy saving theme as well as quick pop-up replies.

chomp SMS

chomp SMS which has a lot of options for customization and outstanding features like blacklists, message locks, quick reply pop-ups, pushbullet compatibility, passcode app lock, lots of emojis, Andriod Wear compatibility and a stricter privacy options is among the common android SMS app around. Even though it has been around for the longest time, it evolved as android evolved.

Textra SMS

Textra SMS is an appealing texting app with the new Android L Material Design. It has several features that many other SMS apps don’t have. It has good compatibility with any android wear and Pushbullet. Features like quick reply popups, several notification types, floating notifications and several signatures makes it unique.

Handcent SMS

Handcent SMS is an improved SMS app that has lots of themes and unique features that are perfect for your android. It allows you see the Facebook profile pictures of your contacts after logging into your Facebook page. The pro version schedules specific time for messages to be sent and you can also customize your messages coming in and going out on the app.


Hoverchat makes it possible for Facebook chats come up on your SMS app, so you do not miss any notification. Replying messages from notification bar is possible. The bubble popups adds an edge to this app.


EvolveSMS from Google is designed like Google+ with the latest Android style. It has a great orange interface. Many already loaded options for free customization, but if you are willing to pay a little money, then you can get a full customization pack with lots of theme. Easy navigation is made possible

These are eight of the best android apps for group text messaging. The technologies are unique, they have outstanding features and other device compatibilities. Very advisable for those with smart watches and the likes.