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IM is a type of online chat which offers real-time text transmission over the internet. A LAN messenger operates in a similar way over a local area network. An ongoing log of messages can be seen by each participant.IM connects the two (or more) recipients together first and then provides immediate delivery and response for as long as the discussion is required. For IM to wok, both users must be online at the same time and the intended recipient must be willing to accept IM, as it is possible to configure the IM client to reject chat missions.
Using IM is simple. Go to whichever instant messaging services you want on the web, and sign up for an account. You can now send IM to anyone who is online at the same time.
Most IM programs connect to an IM company on the internet that both verifies and particular uses identity, called authentication, and sends information between users.
How instant messaging works You can follow the 5 steps which show you how an instant messaging works. The steps are given below:
1st step
You first need to compatible IM program on your computer. Then the person you wish to chat to must do the same on his or her computer. During the installation, you will require to set up a screen name, or number. Now all you need to do is exchange this name\number with your contact.
2nd step
When you start up an IM program, it contacts to a particular company’s IM server, such as Google or Yahoo.
3rd step
The IM server verifies your user name and password and then logs in. Now you are connected.
4th step
Now you’ll see a list of your buddies that are currently online. As your fiends sign in and out you’ll see them ‘on line’ and ‘off line’ from your contact list. You’ll notice the statuses of your friends.
5th step
When you send a message to your friend it travels directly to your buddy and a widow pops up on his \her machine. If you want to send file to your friend your IM client asks the IM server where your friend is located on the internet and then helps your computer make a direct connection to your friend’s computer.

Tens of millions of the consumer IM accounts in use are being used for business purpose by employees of companies and other organizations.IM offers many packages like:
*It offers real-time ext transmission over the internet.
*IM allows effective and efficient communication, allowing immediate receipt of acknowledgment or reply.
*IM service generally provides its own client, either a separately installed piece of software, or a browser- based client.
*This allows two people to have real-time conservation across the internet.
*IM offers like file transfer, contact list, the ability hold several simultaneous conservations, etc.
*IM gives lot of services to client. But user base of most IM services are:
*Code9 Mobile Secure Instant Messenger with useful features(password manager, video\audio calls, group chats, notes and etc)
*Face book (through Face book Messenger, Instagram, Whats App)
*Tencent Holdigs Limited (We Chat, Tencent QQ , Q zone)
*Google (Google+ You Tube users)
*Microsoft (Skype and Windows Live\ MSN messenger)
*Twitter (API)
*Linkedin (API)
Benefits of IM:
*It’s free(as most IM systems are)
*It’s easy to send a message and upgrade the group chat to a live call.
*Least technical can figure it out.
*Save time.

Some IM usage tips are given below:

  1. Once you are connected, assure your setting are adjusted automatically turn on your IM chat when your computer turns on.
  2. Never start IM chat sentences with capital letters.
  3. Don’t bother using capital letters for ‘I’.
  4. Use commas and multiple periods to connect sentences.
  5. Use small talk to kick things off.
  6. Use lots of fluff word to reinforce your points.
  7. Correct important mistakes quickly.
  8. Avoid using curse words.
  9. Don’t leave your boss hanging.
  10. Let your chatting partner finish his or her thought.
  11. Remember everything is SAVED. Consider your chat content to be usable for blog posts and articles.
  12. Sign-off from your chat by telling your recipient that you’re leaving.

You’ll see how powerful and time-saving IM is for you, you’ll want to get every client, vendor, service provider through IM chat. Upgrade our communication to IM chat in to your daily work life.