Code9 Mobile

Code9 Mobile, known for it’s for secure communications, has recently released a multi-media messaging app that’s considered by its users as the most secure the “Best encrypted message app out, hands down,” and ideal for keeping unauthorized Mobile Trackers off-tack.

According to one user, Aditya Shakkarwar, the Code9 Mobile app is “easy to use,” and is back-up bye “great support.”

He loves that everything all the input that goes into the app was achieved via “open source,” and that it’s one of the most secure multi-media messaging app available.

As a cross platform, the Code9 Mobile Secure Instant Messenger, powered by strong encryption technologies that perfectly guard user privacy, sensitive communications and files from prying eyes and surveillance efforts, is best used for the following purposes:

  • Secure Text Messaging: Send strongly encrypted text messages, images and files to users’ contacts. Users can send messages to offline other users or delay sending of their messages when they have no connection. Its Chat history can be stored, encrypted, and synchronized between all connections.
  • Multimedia: The app has the ability to make free voice calls and video calls or send voicemail messages to Code9 Mobile users worldwide.
  • Group Chats & Calls: The app enjoys secured and encrypted group conversations with users’ contacts, including voice and video conferencing.
  • Security: The app provides users the ability to edit and delete sent messages, change voice during the call, view other self-connections to the server, close the application remotely, lock or close the application when idle.
  • Cheap International Calls: Users are provided the means to purchase Code9 Mobile credits to make secure and really cheap international calls to mobiles and landlines.
Multi-Media Messaging App

Singing the apps praises too, are some of its most ardent converts, among them Dustin S. Parrott, Patricia Peterson, and Enoch Apaibinyesim.

According to Enoch, he loves that Code9 Mobile Secure Messenger Good application “keeps unauthorized mobile trackers off of my tail.”

Dustin, on the other hand, not only sees the Code9 Mobile app as a “Nice app with lovely feature,” but “a great app that protects my privacy.” He’s one among the many others who loves the user interface of the app, which is considered as “very interactive.”

Dustin not only loves the app’s features, but as it relates to providing for group chats, voice calling or video calling, he loves that the app works fast.

“I can even easily use this app on my MacBook Pro, because of its support for cross platform,” said Dustin, who considers the Code9 Mobile app to be “a very reliable app with great features.”

Bringing up the rear is Patricia, who considers the Code9 Mobile app to be the “Best secured messenger!”

“Code9 Mobile is a very good and reliable app for anyone wishing to protect his or her files and information from unauthorized users and third parties,” said Patricia, who loves that the app is free, and would highly recommend its use.

Code9 Mobile is private messenger app that’s strongly encrypts instant text messages, group chats, voice calls, video calls and files so that no third-party, even its creators, are able to listen to conversations or tap into a message or file.