Code9 Mobile

The last two decades have shown that the internet has enabled people to instantly communicate with each other all over the world in real time. A remarkable achievement to be sure but at the same time the internet has raised the issue of privacy and security of personal information. Think about all of the communication you engage in over the internet and ask yourself- are you sure that everything you say or write is secure? Do you even know who might be trying to access your data? Group phone calls, instant messages, wikis, email, online collaboration tools, even the documents you store online… there is probably a virtual treasure chest of information that most people freely disclose without wondering just how vulnerable their communications are. Remember- data thieves only need to get it right once before can profit from another person’s sensitive information.

While all of this can be very scary to think about it, there is good news. There are tools out there you can use to secure your communications. Even better, you won’t have to invest in any expensive hardware and you can continue to use the same smartphones, tablets or desktop computers you already own. One such tool is Code9 Mobile, an application that is available on the most popular platforms such as Windows, Mac OS, Linux and Android. This application uses powerful encryption technologies to secure all of your communications with other Code9 Mobile users from prying eyes and ears. The application covers:

Text messages- You can send secure text messages and even attach photos, documents or other types of files with peace of mind. You can delay the sending of messages to a later time for that extra layer of security (for example: the other party receives the message at an agreed time and both parties delete the messages immediately afterwards.)

Voice and video calls- Talk freely and improve efficiency when you know your conversations are protected.

Local and file storage– Data thieves won’t be able to copy or delete your precious files and their backups. Your work will be there when you need it.

All of your other communications can enjoy the same protection- This application also offers protected group chat, international phone calls (for a small charge) and even the ability to change your voice when calling others.

Privacy and Security For Business Communications

At this point you may be interested in this application but understandably would like to know more. After all, this is your private information and you naturally want to be sure you are using the best possible security technology to protect it. For this reason you can try Code9 Mobile for free. Simply register a Code9 Mobile account and sign up for a personal account. This is a great way to try the service for yourself at absolutely no risk. If you decide you would like to use this security application for your business then the friendly people at Code9 Mobile have service plans to fit nearly any budget. You’ll be able to focus on your business when you know all of your communications are safe with Code9 Mobile.