Code9 Mobile

Code9 Mobile is a secure instant messenger which would help the users with secure calls, messaging along with encrypted storage of files. One of the most distinguishing features of this secure messenger is that all the data of the user would be encrypted in a way so that only the user can decrypt them. The technology of Code9 Mobile would protect the information of the users even from the server managers like administrators and operators. This cross platform instant messenger can be run on Windows, Mac OS, Android and Linux. This messenger can be downloaded for free for personal use; however if you are looking forward to unlimited features for professional use then you need to purchase a pro account. You can check the pricing of this instant messenger from pricing page.


Code9 Mobile secure messenger would protect the privacy of your messages in a way which would allow only the sender and the recipient to read them. The text of your message would be highly encrypted by Code9 Mobile before the message is being sent and your messages would be transferred to the server after the encryption. Moreover, the message history would be stored on the user’s PC in an encrypted form.

Your conversation during a voice call would be protected from unauthorized persons and no one will be allowed to tap it. Before beginning the conversation a secure channel would be opened by Code9 Mobile and your voice would be transferred in an encrypted way over that channel. Only the parties of the conversation will get to know the encryption key for the voice data. The conferencing service of Code9 Mobile secure instant messenger would allow you to connect with 9 contacts at a time.

The network tunnel technology used by Code9 Mobile would give you maximum protection during a video call. At the commencement of each session a secure channel would open between the concerned parties and all the data would be exchanged in an encrypted form, the keys of which would only be known by the users.

The Password Manager feature would enable the users to safely store passwords and other account information. The user passwords would be encrypted so that it is protected from unauthorized access at all times. The password manager can be used for storing your card details, PINs, and other account information in an encrypted way so that it can only be accessed by the user at any time.

Protect Confidential Information with Code9 Mobile Secure Messenger

The Daily Planner feature of Code9 Mobile secure messenger can remind you of all your important meetings and events. It can be accessed only by the Code9 Mobile user. Goes without saying that your reminders and appointments cannot be viewed by any unauthorized persons, since all the data would be properly encrypted in your daily planner.

The Task Manager feature of Code9 Mobile would let you conduct your business easily and also help implementing your joint projects. This would enable you to assign tasks to your contacts and prioritize them. Now you can track the status of your task and synchronize them. Moreover, the task messenger would allow you to notify any concerned party about any changes related to a task.

The Notes feature would enable the users to store memos and small notes and any other info which needs to be marked or remembered. All these notes would be stored in an encrypted way.