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Although email exchanges are fragmented or slow sometimes, it is critical to manage your email inbox when running a business. When compared to email, instant messaging is a better solution for easy and fast communication. If you use the right mobile app, it is also more secure than sending SMS messages. By utilizing a secure instant messaging app, you will be able to exchange private info with clients, employees and co-workers, without compromising your data.
But how will this app provide secure messaging? The messages that you send will be encrypted before they transmitted from your mobile device. It doesn’t matter if the message is intercepted during the exchange because the recipient is the only one that can read the encrypted message. Some mobile applications have a self-destruct feature that automatically deletes the messages that you send after the recipient has read them. A foolproof instant messaging mobile app is not available at the moment, but we recommend people that run a business and are concerned about privacy issues to test the following 5 secure instant messaging applications available for iOS, Windows Phone, Android and BlackBerry devices.
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Top 5 Secure Instant Messaging Mobile Apps

BlackBerry Messenger (Free) – iOS, Windows Phone, Blackberry, Android
BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) is an application with higher compatibility than many other mobile apps; it is the first choice for BlackBerry users, but it is also compatible with Windows Phone, iOS and Android devices. The application doesn’t use email addresses or phone numbers to identify each user. When people register, they receive a unique PIN (personal identification number). This feature ensures that the service will remain private and offers more control over the user’s contacts. Every message is encrypted before it is sent and goes through a firewall before it reaches BlackBerry’s servers. Therefore, it can only be decrypted using a private key after it is received by the recipient’s device. Users that register as an individual business will also receive a unique encryption key for a higher level of security.

TextSecure (free) – Android
Many secure instant messaging applications require that both parties should use the app to ensure that encryption is working. TextSecure (for Android devices only) is different from most messaging apps by working SMS picture messages and regular SMS messages. Business users can utilize this mobile app to obtain a higher level of security for standard texting, even if the recipient of the message is not using the app. Your info will be even safer if both parties chat via TextSecure mobile app, which is another alternative, however the encryption ensures that your SMS messages won’t be intercepted by a 3rd party after you send them out.

Gliph (Free) – iOS, Android
Every computing device can run this secure messaging service. You can use the Android or iOS Gliph app if you’re on the go. If you are at work, use the Gliph desktop application to deliver and receive messages using the keyboard and mouse. The ‘Real Delete’ option of Gliph enables you to delete any message from the receiving and sending device and also from the Gliph server permanently. You have the ability to do this whenever you choose. In addition, you can set a pseudonym for your primary account and show a screen name for private messaging. It is also possible to switch back to your real name when you have professional conversations.


Wickr (Free) – iOS, Android
Wickr (compatible with iOS and Android devices) is a secure instant messaging mobile app that offers the option to schedule an ‘expiration date’ for all the messages that you send; you can select the exact date when the message will expire, and it will be deleted automatically on the expiration date. By doing this, you don’t have to be concerned about that a 3rd party might read the private discussions that remain on your contact’s mobile device. In addition, the application provides end-to-end encryption for every message and deletes metadata from individual messages. Metadata usually include the following info: geo-location data and the time when the message was sent. Another great feature of this app enables you to fully remove the message files that were manually deleted but still remain on your mobile device’s memory. Wickr also provides regular messaging features, like the chat platform for groups of up to ten people.

Telegram – iOS, Windows Phone, Android
Telegram (compatible with iOS, Windows Phone and Android devices) is an instant messaging application that offers end-to-end encryption so the recipient will be the only person who can read your messages. Therefore, Telegram’s servers will not store any data from Telegram users. Just like Wickr, Telegram gives you the ability to self-destruct your messages from both devices at a specific time that you select, so there will be no record of your conversation. Telegram is a great mobile application for intense messaging, giving you the option to generate group chats of up to 200 people. This is an awesome feature, especially if you want to be in contact with every person in your company at the same time. Standard messages are saved in the cloud and you can access them anytime from any device that has the Telegram application installed. Another advantage of using this mobile app is the support for Windows Phone, which makes it a great alternative to BlackBerry Messenger on this platform.