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Best for Monitoring Usage



Best for Monitoring & Managing Usage

Usage and Curfew Settings
  • Manage when calls & texts can be made/received
Real-Time Location Tracking
  • Pinpoint current location of phone
  • Set and receive up to 2 location alerts
  • Pinpoint current location of phone
  • Set and receive unlimited location alerts
  • View location history
Text & Contacts Monitoring
  • Monitor most frequent Contacts sent/received
  • See frequently used words or slang
  • See calling and texting frequency with strangers
  • Monitor most frequent Contacts sent/received
  • Manage who can call & text and be called/texted
  • Identify one-sided calling or texting and contact with strangers
  • Text analysis - a summary of frequently used words & phrases
  • View entire text thread with a contact
  • Import words/slang library & set word alerts by category (e.g. bullying, sex, etc.)
  • Word monitoring & blocking
  • Search for specific words, phrases or contacts
Safety Alerts
  • Curfew & contact violations
  • Blocked word usage
  • Key word alerts that could indicate drug & alcohol use, bullying, stranger danger, depression, texting in class and more
Activity Reports
  • Activity & Contact Summary Report including: 5 most recent address book changes (added, modified or deleted)
  • 5 most recent application changes (installed or uninstalled) Most common texted words
  • Most frequently called and texted numbers (incoming and outgoing)
  • Call and texting frequency by time of day and week
  • Activity & Contact Summary Report plus multiple, customizable reports including:
  • Text content
  • Complete app listing with new downloads and deletions
  • Complete contact list with new additions and deletions
  • Activity Summaries by time of day, contact, type and more
  • Usage settings and violations


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Know What Happens on Your Child’s Mobile Phone


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