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Children send hundreds of text messages - often in a single day.

Even if you wanted to look through all of those messages, you'd never have the time.

At Code9 Mobile we want to help you maintain an understanding of what risks your child might be putting themselves in, without sacrificing your child's privacy or taking up all of your time.

That's why we structured Code9 Mobile around the idea of allowing you to monitor and analyze general behavior without having to see every specific detail.

As soon as you install the Code9 Mobile software on your phone, it goes to work, watching and summarizing the text message activity on the phone. Commonly used words are summarized and displayed in a handy cloud form so that you can quickly get a feeling for the general mood of your child's communications as well as quickly spot potential problems.

If you want to take special notice of certain words or people your child is communicating, you can set up rules that will, if triggered, allow you to see the full content of those potentially dangerous messages.

In this way, your child's need for privacy is respected, and you can still feel comfortable knowing that you are being kept informed.