Code9 Mobile


One of the most powerful and flexible features that Code9 offers is the ability to set curfews for your children. During curfews, incoming text messages are queued (held) and delivered after the curfew has ended.*

This is important in that it doesn’t bluntly block your children’s text messages –possibly causing them to miss messages that may be important to them or needlessly worrying about what they may be “missing out on.” Instead, it holds it them and delivers it all of the messages after the prescribed time.

Curfews can be implemented in ways other than in the traditional sense—they can be used for school, dinner, bedtime, or other times when you want your children focused on things other than their phone. Curfews are an important way you can establish boundaries for your children’s phones, while ensuring that you are not infringing too much on their space.

We realize that sometimes parents or caregivers need to reach children—regardless of curfews. Because of this, you can create whitelist contacts that ensures your messages will always be delivered.

* Please note, functionality varies by phone. For complete functionality details, view our supported mobile phones page.